"God is within her, she will not fall."- Psalms 46:5

be happy...

I used to spend so much of my time worrying about what people would think about me or how people would treat me if I did certain things... things that made me happy. Why did I ever put mean words people said over my happiness? Why did I ever let other people make me sad or upset? When I came to college, I decided to do things that made me happy, and I didn’t care what others would say. I decided I wasn’t going to be friends with people who made me upset or were a lot of drama. I didn’t want a person to be apart of my life that would bring any negativity. I can’t stand drama, and removing myself from it is the only thing that works for me. That may mean ending friendships or distancing myself from others, but I am sticking to my guns and not being pulled into it. Some people may look at that like I am mean, or I just don’t like them because I won't let their negative attitude get to me. Ever since I told myself I would only allow people who made me a better person into my life, I have been nothing but happy. Yes, I understand people have bad days, and I would not just think they were rude or a bad friend. Bad days are okay!! People are not perfect!! You have to know who the people are in your life worth helping and who the people in your life are worth letting go of. I promise not everyone you meet is supposed to be your best friend, and it’s okay to let bad friendships go. This was a hard lesson I had to learn, but it made me grow into the strong, independent, and happy girl I am today. Never let what others may see as “embarrassing” stop you from accomplishing something in your life. Truth is they are probably jealous or are too worried about what other people think to be happy for themselves or you. You do you!!!! If you or someone you know has wanted to do something in their life, encourage them or go for it!!! I promise it will be worth it in the end. You will either be a happy person because you finally did something that brought joy into your life, or you will see your friend be satisfied, which will also make you happy for them. Happiness is contagious, so why spread negativity when you can be filled with love?!? Girls!!! It’s time to put yourself first and go for it!! I wish anyone reaching for their dreams nothing but the best and surround yourself with people who want the same for you!! It’s so worth it, and that is one of the the main reasons I started my blog. I want to show people that doing things that others may see as weird can be the best thing for you!! I love getting emails from my readers so don't forget to send me an email after reading my blog!! Shoot for the stars!!
Always remember to smile more & laugh often!
Lots of Love, Madalyn ♡

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