"God is within her, she will not fall."- Psalms 46:5

be the fine china...

Yes, I know what you're thinking "be the fine china" what does that mean?? Well, let me explain.. I saw this on Tik Tok, and I wanted to elaborate on the topic and share it with you. If I asked you if you saw yourself as a paper plate or fine china which you would you say? If you were to say you were a paper plate, why do you think that, and is there a certain reason? Because no girl should see themselves as a paper plate! A paper plate does got get treated like a beautiful item, and people just use them when it’s convenient for them. A paper plate comes in a pack and people are not concerned when they run out because they can go to the store and get more. People don't care when they ruin a paper plate, because they will just throw it away. If you think you are a paper plate, you are wrong. No girl should ever be treated as a paper plate!! No girl should ever have someone not care about them and treat them the way they should not be treated. No girl should ever worry about a guy not concerned if she leaves, because he can just go get another girl!! KNOW YOUR WORTH!!! Every girl is a piece of fine china. They are a precious piece and people are grateful to have them. They sit high on a shelf so people can look at how pretty they are, and they are special. People who are around fine china are careful not to break them, and shatter them into pieces. Fine china is not taken for granted, and it is a gift to have. Be fine china!! Do not settle for someone who does not think you’re beautiful, and do not surround yourself with people who will hurt you. Surround yourself with loving and supporting people who want the best for you, and want you to do everything you want in life. 
Now, I am not going to ask which you think you are, because you are fine china!! Do not let people, your friends, or your boyfriend treat you like a paper plate, and if they do find people who treat you like fine china because you're worth it!
Always remember to smile more & laugh often!
Lots of Love, Madalyn ♡

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