"God is within her, she will not fall."- Psalms 46:5

change is good...

I always used to be scared of change. I wanted my life to stay the same, and the people in my life to never leave. I was scared to see what would happen, and I was afraid to see what my life would look like. I learned that change is an amazing thing that I am now so grateful for. CHANGE=GROWTH. You can not grow in life without change. You may have to change cities for more opportunities, or you may have to change your life priorities to stay on your path. There may be people in your life that change, or perhaps you change, keep in mind not every person will always be an active part of your life. They teach you things that help you grow and mature as a person. One hard lesson in life that I have learned is that you can not force some people to stay in your life. As much as it hurts, you have to accept it. A friendship, like a relationship, takes two people. You have to both be devoted and care for each other. If not, it is not a healthy relationship. I am still learning to be okay with it because it's hard. Looking back, there were people I was close to that I thought our friendships would last a lifetime, but you grow up, move, mature, and sometimes have to be grateful for the time you had with them, and the memories made. You won't know how their life is unless you see it on social media, you may check up on them now and then, but it's okay; you're still happy for them. They were there when you needed them, and you were there for when they needed you. It stinks to say, but the truth is you grow apart, and that's not to say that one-day things may change and your friendship reunites. It's His plan, and whatever He decides is best for you. It may not be the easiest, but always remember that you can't have a rainbow without a little rain.
Always remember to smile more & laugh often!
Lots of Love, Madalyn

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