"God is within her, she will not fall."- Psalms 46:5

date the guy who...

“There are no good guys in the world”... “I will never find the one”... “all guys are the same”... I had those same thoughts in my mind, but I’m here to tell you this,,,
Date the guy who opens your doors.
Date the guy who respects you .
Date the guy who makes you laugh till your stomach hurts.
Date the guy your family adores.
Date the guy who never takes you for granted.
Date the guy who always tells you that you’re beautiful. (because you are)
Date the guy who does the smallest things that mean the most to you.
Date the guy who isn't afraid to let people know he loves you.
Date the guy who your friends love & who loves your friends.
Date the guy who makes you the happiest girl in the world.
Date the guy you see as your future husband.
Most importantly date the guy who brings you closer to Jesus.
Dating is just a preview of marriage. DATE TO MARRY. If you’re not happy in a relationship, then you will probably not have a happy marriage. Yes, relationships are hard, there are ups and downs, but date someone who will work through it with you. Not just ignore the problems, because then you will never find a solution.
Dating involves compromise and TRUST! A relationship is two-sided. You have to give and take, to make you both happy. If you don’t trust your boyfriend how do you expect them to trust you? Let me tell you something I’ve learned trust is the key to a happy relationship! And you may be thinking “it’s so hard to trust him,” then let me ask you something... why are you still with him? If you can’t trust your guy to hang out with his friends, how are you going to trust him when you’re married with kids? “Well, we will be married, it will be different!” Trust doesn’t just show up after you say “I do”, trust is a thing that is there that you get to chose to have or not. My mom used to tell me “I will always trust you until you give me a reason not to.” So let them go out with the boys (trust me guys need guy time) and let him show you that he can be trusted until he gives you a reason that he can’t be. Then you need to decide if it’s worth it. Is it worth being able to not trust your guy? Does he love and respect you? If you said yes I know you’re thinking “I can change him” and GIRL,,, he can only change himself!!! And no I’m not a relationship expert, and yes I have made mistakes. I’m not saying everyone is perfect, but if you have any doubt that he is not the one let him go... If you are meant to be God will cross your paths at His time.
You can learn a lot from relationships or even people in general. Every person God puts in your life is either a blessing or a lesson, always remember that! He puts certain people in your life for a reason. You learn from your past!! Never let the past define you, and never regret anything!! Your past made you the person you are today.
Love finds you at the moments you are least expecting it. You all this is because you can’t force a relationship, it just happens. You will know when it’s right, and if he isn’t the one, just imagine the guy God has picked out for you! So date the guy who brings out the best version of yourself and makes YOU happy.
Always remember to smile more & laugh often!
Lots of Love, Madalyn ♡

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